SaaS Solutions

Taxi Booking and Dispatch Software & Apps Online

Booking & dispatch is the single biggest headache for private hire taxi, limo and ground transportation businesses – it’s the one area that is essential to your business, has multiple touch points with possible frictions and involves a whole lot of wasted human resources. We call this drowning by the process. The more the number of drivers, the more the number of passengers required, the more complex the problem. There is a solution, and that solution is OROUTE Application.
The OROUTE company works very hard at making our applications easy to use for users. And we try to make it just as easy to purchase our SaaS SOLUTIONS.

We have happily spent over


hours on development and tests


Scalability — If a customer needs to expand capacity or add users, it doesn’t need to purchase new hardware or install new software. We can increase capacity quickly


We always fit with security standards. Don’t worry about allowing users remote access with any device. We guaranty the increased convenience and vulnerabilities control.

Customer Support

OROUTE invests to troubleshoot and maintain applications so their customers don’t have to. We have the resources to maintain system reliability and data security.


Full functionality for

  • Clients who need a cab
  • Drivers, who support passengers
  • Business Corporate Taxi Service
  • Taxi fleet owners